Completing The Planning To Build Nha Be Changed Life Into The District

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In the 2020 – 2025 term, Nha Be will exploite all resources to build it into the district, become the main economic, commercial, service, and industrial structure of HCMC.

 On May 6th, at Nha Be, HCMC held the 12th Congress of Nha Be District Party Committee, term 2020 – 2025. Attending the meeting were Politburo Member, HCMC Party Secretary – Nguyen Thien Nhan (Mr.)

Completing The Planning To Build Nha Be Changed Life Into The District

Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan – HCMC Party Secretary visited the model displayed of ZEITGEIST project at the Congress 

Regarding the district’s political report presented at the Congress, HCMC P.S- Nguyen Thien Nhan praised and highly appreciated the achievements of Nha Be district in the past term. In particular, the district’s economy is growing steadily at 12.14%, higher than the target of 12%.


Besides, the service sector had the highest growth rate, averaging 12.52%. The infrastructure is gradually improved. Sate management of planning and construction land is increasingly tight; developing new urban area with positive changes; construction land management has many positive results.


Discussing the development orientation of Nha Be to become the district, Mr. Nguyen Thien Nha said that the meeting needs to discuss and set timelines for implementation such as setting goals before 2025, Nha Be is approved for planning to the district before 2030, it will be recognized as the district.


Regarding specific solutions, Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan suggested that Nha Be should establish a service economic development council, an innovative start-up center, or invite economic experts to come and share suggestions to attach businesses, especially high-tech industry.

nha be district zeitgeist

Also, Nha Be needs to renovate its management methods, focusing on building a smart-city associated with administrative reform. Especially, it is necessary to prepare infrastructure, Land use planning toward service economy development.


‘’ Must plan and develop high-quality services, not only serving residents but also serving the needs of the whole country, city and foreigners visiting, studying and working to create a product with high added value’’ – Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan suggested.

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